Theatre Magic! The Scenic Design for 33 VARIATIONS

With a story that spans 200 years, and multiple locations including
contemporary New York City and 19th Century Vienna,
Scenic Designer Nicholas Acciani had his work cut out for him.
His multi-purpose set is full of surprises for the audience
and employs projections and theatrical magic!

Scenic Design for 33 Variations

“Bridging the gap between the early 1800s and present day,
a new location for every scene, and utilizing Beethoven’s original sketches
were all unique challenges faced in the design of this show.
The director and I also wanted to create something original while staying grounded in the world of the play.
After many discussions and brainstorming sessions, I think the final product reflects
the director’s vision and meets those challenges we faced head-on in a way that
enhances the story and creates a world for the actors to really play.”
– Nicholas Acciani

Set under construction

33 Variations Opens Feb. 10, 2017!



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